Thursday, July 09, 2009

How do rainbows make you feel?

When I say the word 'Rainbow' what do you think of?

Do you envision a beautiful cool spring morning that has just been kissed by rain and a shade of sun that’s run through droplets of rain water, causing the wonderful bow of 7 colors to rise in the sky, and bring out the magnificence of nature's beauty in full blossom? OR; do you think of homosexuals, bi-sexuals, lesbians, eunuchs and transvestites?

You are goddamn right. I think of gays nowadays. Well my alternate sexuality preferring brethren. You should have left the rainbow alone. A symbol that epitomizes nature.

I wonder why they chose that as their symbol of Gay Pride? Was it to make us 'straight' thinking folk think 'twisted'. Or was it to make us understand their perspective of nature and what's natural to them? And who associated the word "Gay" with "Homosexuality"? I mean gay was such an innocent word before.

India of all places had gay parades! A land with the 2nd highest population in the world. Well on the brighter side, maybe if half our population turns gay, at least we won't continue multiplying at this rate!

I am from Chennai, one of the places which had a gay parade. And I heard there were a couple of hundreds participating in it. And what did they want? Article 377 of the IPC that criminalizes alternative sexuality, repealed. Why? So the closet gays can come out in the open and showcase their sexuality in gay abandon (pun unintended).

Nowadays when I hear the word gay, I cannot synonomise it with happy. I can only think of a cheesy looking man, with a lilt of a woman, dressed in flashy pink with white framed shades, driving a purple colored car.

They have to understand something. The world has always been ruled by the majority. And the majority are still 'straight'. So till then, lie low and follow the rules of the land and nature. Only opposites have attraction. Two penises coming together is just a distraction.


SidZ said... can you be so insensitive and rude??? Flaming homosexuals like Karan Johar have to survive ;))))

Here is some food for thought...They say 'Prostitution' is the oldest profession but it is banned under Indian laws...if these homosexuals and "modern" people are talking about rights, then prostitutes have every right to demand legitimacy to their profession :)

Vinay said...

Yeah Sid, lets legalise everything. Prostitution, drugs, pornography, gays. Let this world run amok :)) The end is nigh anyway!


Hi Vinay,

Super stuff. Your earlier outburst (missing out on wimbeledon)left me counting the 4 letter words and I guess you will easily be the winner when it comes to the density of 4 letter word per para.

You made it up with some 'gay' writing. The language, the flow and the phrases were spot on. Ofcourse, i side you completely on the thoughts


Anonymous said...

I think your blog reflects a very narrow minded perception of what the word "gay" symbolizes. Remember, it was less han a 100 years ago that women in many countries across the world had to stand up to be recognized as "equal to men" - which I'm sure was opposed by narrow minded men from a previous generation. But common sense eventually prevailed, and women got their rights.
The point is, this is a free country that is finally catching up with the realities of today's world, and giving a minority of people the rights they desperately need - the right to be viewed as non-criminals, and just human beings with an alternative viewpoint on life.

Anonymous said...
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